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Since being a Hippie, Gypsy, Crystal Soul, whatever you want to call it? I'm always looking for knowledge to empower myself, learn and in-twine in my daily life. 
More Hippie Hut is a vision of mine for a few years now, it started out from a place of wanting to help others learn and gain a deeper understanding of the creations from mother nature that is all around us everywhere. Such as herbs, crystals, stones, oils and so much more. She has so many things in store for us, Mother Nature can offer and teach Healthier and efficient ways to live.
But sometimes its hard to find that wisdom, Sometimes we don't have all the time to do our own research or Sometimes we are just wandering, not sure where to even start.? This is one of the many reasons I created more hippie hut. I wanted a place that felt safe for you to grow and expand your spiritual knowledge to help push you into healthier routines of health, well-being, beauty and skincare. To show you better ways to take care of yourself from the inside out. I wanted you to feel this is a place of learning and acceptance.

Although we are in the first steps of our Brand Launching, We have only just begun! Their are many other visions i see in the future from here on fourth so thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for being here we love you and appreciate your light.

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With love and light, owner, & Creator Samantha