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Forest Printed Large Tapestry

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Beautiful Natural Forest Printed Large Wall Tapestry
A tapestry is an ancient form of textile art that has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years. ancient Egyptians and the Incas used woven tapestries as shrouds in which to bury their dead. the greeks and Romans used them for wall-coverings for civic buildings and temples like the Parthenon. 
In the middle ages and the renaissance, a rich tapestry panel woven with symbolic emblems mottoes or coats of arms called a baldachin, canopy of state or cloth of state was hung behind and over a throne as a symbol of authority.
Today tapestry is either woven decorative fabric, the design of which is built up in the course of weaving. Broadly, the name has been used for almost any heavy material, handwoven, machine woven, or even embroidered, used to cover furniture, walls or floors or for the decoration of clothing today.