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Pearl Firming Body Lotion Slimming Cellulite Massage

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Pearl Firming Body Lotion Slimming, Cellulite reducer, Remove Stretch Marks Cream Treatment Body Skin Care Health Lift, Tool.


Pearl Firming body lotion
Repair skin problems. Tight and loose skin. Moisturizing and shaping.
Repair dry skin, deeply moisturize skin, improve skin, tender and elastic, effectively shape, mildly burn fat, lift and tighten skin, resist aging and wrinkle.

Extract triple essence Turn on skin shaping magic, Effective skin tightening ingredients, lift and tighten skin, resist sagging wrinkles, improve dark skin, brighten skin color, is a multi-effect ingredient. 

Smooth skin texture, super moisturizing effect, can regulate skin color, skin feeling smooth, tremella extract has strong permeability, easy absorption, can fully nourish skin, and is safe and mild for various skin types.

A protective moisturizing layer is formed on the face to nourish the skin, isolate external stimulation and whiten naturally.

【Repair skin problems】 1:Sunburn redness 2:Electrostatic peeling 3:Dry itching desquamation 4:Fish scales skin 【Body shaping】 1:Postpartum skin laxity 2:Hip obesity deformation 3:Neck skin sagging 4:Leg obesity deformation
Easy to enjoy the beauty of thin time Emulsion essence Fresh and skin-friendly feeling Gently burn fat to build your body Body shaping Smear, massage The effect is remarkable and does not rebound. If you want to be thin, be thin. Waist+Leg+Hip Super cost performance
Shelf life: 3 years