Charging Crystals

When to charge?

  • After you Cleanse a tool/item
  • When an item/tool doesn't feel as potent or feels weak
  • When energy becomes stagnant
  • When you want an item to hold a certain intention/purpose


Common Methods

Sun and Moon Light
  • Just like Cleansing, you can set object in the sun or moon light to let it soak up the energy ( my preferred method because you can cleanse & charge your item/tools all at once, just don't forgot to set your intentions) 


  • Crystals that have been charged and cleansed can be used to charge other items. (Quartz Crystal is perfect for this, & great for beginners 


  • Use the power of the elements to charge items metaphorically or literally


  • Picture your energy and intention flowing into your item and filling it with power


  • Charge an item with corresponding them through herb smoke, anointing with herbal oils, etc


  • Use singing bowls, bells, or corresponding music to fill an item or space with energy. ( I usually put on Hertz music frequencies on you-tube: try 528Hz or 432Hz)

How to Charge?

  1. Pick your Target. This could be anything just pick something that you want to fill with positive energy 
  2. Choose a method of charging that is appropriate for your item 
  3. Hold your intention while charging. stay focused on transferring energy to the target item
  4. Listen to your intuition. You'll know when an item has been charged completely 
Key words when Charging: