Cleansing Crystals

When to Cleanse?

  • When you get a new tool
  • when a tool/room feels stale or off
  • when tools/space come into contact with negative energy
  • whenever your intuition tells you its time (Always trust your gut instinct)


Common Methods 

Use the Elements 

  • Cleanse a room or item with water, fire, earth, or air. Soak or Sprinkle with water ( Double check to make sure the crystal isn't effected in water),  pass through candle flame, sprinkle or bury in dirt (I recommend using a mesh bag if burying in dirt-crystals like to dig deeper and move in mother earths dirt) 


  • Sometimes referred to as smoke cleansing, re-caning uses the smoke of herbs and plants to cleanse a space, item, or person. pick herbs that correspond to your need (Sage is a safe starter herb for starters), light a bundle, and lead the smoke (I lead the smoke around the crown of my head and than start envisioning A White Light halo Around my head and once I do.  I than start leading the smoke from my head up and down my body to cleanse my Chakras and auras 


  • Sort of a "catch all" in Spiritualism, Salt will soak up all negative energies. 
Sun & Moon Light 
  • let your item cleanse in the sunlight or moonlight, or open your windows to cleanse a space with these energies 
  • Use corresponding crystals to cleanse a space or item. Lay them on yourself or carry them around to cleanse your spirit


How To Cleanse:

  1. Find the Target of your cleansing 
  2. Pick an appropriate Method of cleansing. Listen to your intuition and make sure your method is safe and reasonable
  3. Hold your intention while cleansing. Stay focused and grounded.
  4. Follow up by filling the cleansed space with postie energy to avoid negative energies rushing back in ( Now its safe to Charge )


Key words when Cleansing: