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Starter Crystal Set: Cluster crystal and 4 crystal point wands

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One Set that includes Natural Hexagonal column amethyst cluster & Four Crystal Point Healing wands that include: 
Labrador Feldspar
Assist you to enjoy life, Enable you to overcome pessimism, Enhance the healing of tissue & good fortune.
With Labrador, it adds the benefits of Consciousness, The higher self, and assisting in imagination. Beneficial to the eyes, nerves, brain, bones, and spinal cord uncovers unconscious belief patterns, increases your intelligence, and offer psychic protection 
with being a crystal point helps concentrates & directs energy. 
- Amazonite
- Labradorite
- Moonstone
- Sunstone
 Tiger Eye is a blood fortifier, that supports your general vitality. It strengthens the endocrine system and assists in bringing your hormones and biochemistry into balance.
Assist in getting the equilibrium in your life as mental clarity and helps you get through difficult times
Tiger eye has a pain-relieving effect. It slows down the flow of energy in the body and dampens overexcitation of the nerves and overstimulates the adrenal glands. Tiger eye helps improve your eyesight.
with being a crystal point helps concentrates & directs energy
Colors of tigers eye Gold-brown, Red, and Blue-black
  Clear Quartz: is also called the Master Healer. It is believed that whatever we associate it with, the stone will intensify its positive energy. Hence, strengthening the natural healing abilities of anything in its wake.
It has countless benefits to the mind, body, and spirit of its bearer. Clear Quartz is genuinely one of its kind.
with being a crystal point helps concentrates & directs energy. 
 Rose Quartz: Stimulates blood circulation, stabilizes heart trauma and imbalances, calms the mind and releases worry, also aids sin calling upon the energy of the angels Strengthening love or romantic relationship.
Awakening sensual creativity and tender fantasies are well-known rose quartz powers. It is an aphrodisiac that encourages passion and intimacy between you and your partner emotional healing powers of rose quartz give lasting positive results as it empties suppressed negative emotions.
The powers of rose quartz in the workplace can be sensed as it controls disagreements and personal conflicts.
The pink crystal works wonders in your sleep as it does not only give you a sound sleep but blocks nightmares and gives happy dreams.
with being a crystal point helps concentrates & directs energy.
Amethyst: is a powerful and protective stone that has a wide range of benefits. Some of the healing properties and powers of Amethyst are below:
Natural tranquilizer: Amethyst relieves an individual from stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety.

Amethyst activates spiritual awareness: This precious stone has outstanding healing and cleansing powers. It does this by opening intuition and enhancing the psychic abilities of a person.
Enhances sobriety: It makes a person have a sober mind in cases of over drinking or overindulgence in other activities that may lead to addictions. Amethyst does this by producing a calming effect to the mind and stimulating the body hence keeping people focused and aware of occurrences in their surroundings.
Insomnia relief: With Amethyst in place, you can be assured of plentiful amounts of sleep at night. It further helps in remembering and understanding dreams.
Hormone production: Amethyst plays a very important role in general metabolism especially bringing balance to the endocrine system by helping in the active production of hormones for use in the body.
Boosting the immune system: Amethyst assists the body in fighting and eliminating diseases. This stone helps to purify blood thus reducing physical, emotional, and psychological pain or stress. Amethyst is useful for people suffering from diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin conditions, disorders in cells, and diseases of the digestive system
Guards against psychic attack: By wearing the protective Amethyst crystal, one gets protection from all types of suffering including spiritual assault and those that may be as a result of external sources such as people.
 With it being  Crystal Cluster it helps to radiate its energy throughout a space and charges other crystals.  
There may be slight differences in color and size