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100% Handmade Natural Essential oil infused Soaps

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100% Natural handmade with the extraction of natural plant essential oils 

Made Safe, Environmental protection made without adding pollution throughout pure labor production of meticulous safe and secure. 


Clean up skin problems with natural handmade, All

Day Refreshing & Moisturizing Feel with these soap bars


Types of problem skin:

Improve skin of all different types including, itchiness dry, oily, Blackhead, Acne-prone, wide pores, and residue.


Different types of uses:

Use for Shampoo hair, Bathing, Shaving, Washing Hands Makeup Cleanup, and washing face.


How to use: 

1. wet surface your cleaning with warm water to help open pores for better deep cleaning

2. Start foaming the soap in your hands to achieve rich foam lather

3. Smear lather in surface your cleaning, start massage into surface and ain circular motion

4. Clean and rinse with cold water to help shrink pores and pat dry

Tip* Long-term use is better for best results